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Pearlene Nolan


Pearlene Nolan from Snyder, Texas was raised on a small West Texas farm by Godly parents.  At 12 she ‘walked’ the aisle and was water baptized and felt the call to be a missionary.  However, her denomination neither recognized women in any form of ministry nor taught anything on the Holy Spirit.  Going through a period of troubled years without hope and without power, at the age of 26 she bowed her knee to the lordship and saving power of Jesus.  Gloriously Holy Spirit baptized, her life took on a totally different dimension.  Signs, wonders, healing and miracles have followed for  years characterized by a strong apostolic-prophetic anointing.

In 1994 she began to seek God about what her calling was.  Having all kinds of preconceived ideas about it, God surprised and delighted her when He revealed she was to ‘administer the oil of joy to replace a heavy-burdened spirit.’  (Is 61:3).  It was 1994 that she began hosting a women’s conference.  For many years she has hosted a fall general conference along with a spring women’s conference with people from all over Texas attending.   A weekly radio program on KSNY FM 101.5 in Snyder, Texas aired for eight years every Sunday called “Joy Unspeakable” has been another avenue to get the Good News of Jesus out!    

In 1998 Pearlene incorporated, as a non profit organization, her very diverse ministry with the name of His Joy Ministries, Inc.  The foundation of this ministry is worship, the Word, prayer and of course seeing His joy freely given.  She ministers the Word of God and music every month at two prisons.  Scores have been born again along with many being filled with the Holy Spirit and countless healings manifested
Added to these activities, Pearlene leads a group of ladies to Guatemala annually to host a ‘Joy in Jesus’ retreat for women missionaries.  Since 2008 she has organized a team and hosted a pastors’ conference, ministered in churches as well as outdoor crusades in Uganda Africa resulting in scores of salvations and healings.   Also, a weekly “Soaking Room” has been in her home with God moving wonderfully in and among the people that attend.  His Joy Ministries has also ordained several people to help them carry out their calling. 
Pearlene has husband Dale, who is a volunteer chaplain for TDCJ, three children and 10 grandchildren.  She enjoys wood working, playing the guitar and of all things, yard work!
Pearlene states that God took her up on her statement spoken to Him years ago:  “God, I’ll do whatever You ask of me to get the gospel of Jesus to the world.  I’ll write it, sing it, speak it.  Lord, I’ll even  hum it if that’s what it takes.”  I’ve done them all!” she states.

(Written by Claire Gallegos)
His Joy Ministries, as you can tell, are after souls for the Father...souls to lay at the feet of Jesus... the reward of His suffering.


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